Outdoor Recreation



There are many outstanding locations to hike in and around Rangely, as well as great trails within an hour drive from Rangely. Some of the most well known spots are listed below:

Canyon Pintado is one of the most popular destinations for locals and visitors to hike because of its historic importance, beautiful scenery, and family friendly trails. The trail is 6.5 miles roundtrip, takes about 3-4 hours to complete, and is a designated historic district that features ancient Native American petroglyphs on the rock walls.
Whether you head north or south of town, you’ll have the opportunity to explore endless acres of beautiful BLM land to hike, bike, and explore. A popular location that’s located just north of town is Chase Draw Valley, a section of BLM that runs between town and Chase Draw Reservoir. You can also head three miles south of town on County Road 23, aka Dragon Road, to access additional hiking and biking areas on BLM land – you can literally explore for days, maybe months!

Dinosaur National Monument provides outstanding trails that are great for the entire family. Two of the most popular (and family friendly) trails are listed below:

  1. Harpers Corner: Located on the Colorado side of the monument, Harpers Corner Drive is a scenic, 32-mile (55-km) road that leads to the heart of Dinosaur National Monument’s canyon country. Overlooks offer sweeping vistas of the Green and Yampa river canyons. Several picnic areas and the trailheads of three hiking trails are located just off Harpers Corner Drive. On one trail, sharp-eyed hikers can spot fossils of small sea creatures that lived long ago. Visitors prepared for remote driving conditions can access two unimproved roads from Harpers Corner Drive.
    Taken from www.nps.gov

  2. Echo Park: Echo Park is located in the heart of Dinosaur’s canyon country. Here, the Yampa River flows into the Green River, which winds around the massive feature known as Steamboat Rock. The meeting of the two rivers along with nearby geologic faults created some of the monument’s most dramatic scenery. Visitors enjoy the remarkable surroundings, discover Fremont petroglyphs or explore the area’s homesteading and ranching history. You can watch river rafters float past on the Green River. Picnicking and camping are also available in the area. A spectacular display of stars is visible in the night sky due to the lack of any light pollution from nearby towns and cities.
    Taken from www.nps.gov